The Montara Commission of Inquiry (the Inquiry) sought submissions from all parties interested in the Terms of Reference.

To assist parties in the preparation of submissions, the Inquiry released a paper outlining some preliminary issues and questions relating to its Terms of Reference. The paper did not seek to limit or define matters that might have been pertinent to the Inquiry.

Issues Paper PDF icon [PDF, 209.7kb]

List of submissions

  Submitted By Documents
01 Mr Scott Ryan PDF icon [PDF, 100kb]
02 Fire Fighting Technologies International Pty Ltd PDF icon [PDF, 124kb]
PDF icon [PDF, 784kb]
PDF icon [PDF, 1.3mb]
03 A number of similar submissions have been received proposing constraints on the expansion of the petroleum industry on the North-West shelf of Australia’s Kimberley region. These submissions can be found here.
04 James Kesteven PDF icon [PDF, 31kb]
05 Australian Marine Oil Spill Centre PDF icon [PDF, 73kb]
06 Cape Conservation Group Inc PDF icon [PDF, 162kb]
07 Australian Marine Conservation Society PDF icon [PDF, 81kb]
08 APPEA Ltd PDF icon [PDF, 285kb]
09 Australian Conservation Foundation PDF icon [PDF, 461kb]
10 Name kept confidential (Professional Engineer) PDF icon [PDF, 6kb]
11 Brian Holland PDF icon [PDF, 14kb]
12 Senator Rachel Siewert PDF icon [PDF, 187kb]
13 Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society (International) PDF icon [PDF, 52kb]
14 The Wilderness Society and Environs Kimberley
Note: The report referenced on pp. 6-7 of the submission is sourced from: M. M. Gagnon (2009). 'Report on biopsy collections from specimens collected from the surrounds of the west atlas oil leak - fish specimens', Curtin University, Perth, WA.
PDF icon [PDF, 83kb]
15 WWF-Australia PDF icon [PDF, 2637kb]
16 Australian Southern Blue Fin Tuna Industry Association Ltd (ASBTIA) PDF icon [PDF, 17kb]
PDF icon [PDF, 210kb]
PDF icon [PDF, 14kb]
17 National Offshore Petroleum Safety Authority PDF icon [PDF, 11758kb]
18 Australian Government Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts PDF icon [PDF, 445kb]
PDF icon[PDF, 1.04mb]
PDF icon[PDF, 60.7kb]
PDF icon[PDF, 9.33kb]
PDF icon[PDF, 94.0kb]
PDF icon[PDF, 1mbkb]
PDF icon[PDF, 59.8kb]
PDF icon[PDF, 168kb]
PDF icon[PDF, 699kb]
PDF icon[PDF, 22.8kb]
PDF icon[PDF, 44.3kb]
PDF icon[PDF, 72.1kb]
PDF icon[PDF, 28.0kb]
PDF icon[PDF, 18.8kb]
PDF icon[PDF, 20.6kb]
PDF icon[PDF, 61.9kb]
PDF icon[PDF, 4.44mb]
PDF icon[PDF, 4mb]
PDF icon[PDF, 268kb]
PDF icon[PDF, 121mb]
19 Western Australian Fishing Industry Council (WAFIC) PDF icon[PDF, 115kb]
20 Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) PDF icon[PDF, 1.42mb]
21 PTTEP Australasia (Ashmore Cartier) Pty Ltd PDF icon[PDF, 3mb]
PDF icon[PDF, 114kb]
PDF icon[PDF, 79kb]
PDF icon[PDF, 2mb]
PDF icon[PDF, 100kb]
PDF icon[PDF, 142kb]
PDF icon[PDF, 103kb]
PDF icon[PDF, 127kb]
PDF icon[PDF, 788kb]
PDF icon[PDF, 196kb]
22 Atlas Drilling (S) Pte Ltd PDF icon [PDF, 616kb]
23 Northern Territory Department of Resources
PO Box 3000 Darwin NT 0801
PDF icon[PDF, 3.03mb]
PDF icon[PDF, 27.08mb]
PDF icon[PDF, 771kb]
24 Australian Maritime Safety Authority PDF icon [PDF, 326kb]
25 Kimberley Whale Watching PDF icon [PDF, 3mb]
26 Labrador Holdings WA Pty., Ltd. Trustee of the Well Planning Trust. ABN: 1520471325
Note: The Directors of Labrador Petro-Management Pty Ltd have asked the Inquiry to clarify that they have no association with Mr Wayne Needoba of Labrador Holdings WA Pty Ltd.
PDF icon [PDF, 58kb]
PDF icon [PDF, 74kb]
PDF icon [PDF, 24kb]
PDF icon [PDF, 40kb]
PDF icon [PDF, 20kb]
PDF icon [PDF, 64kb]
27 Australian Institute of Marine and Power Engineers PDF icon [PDF, 254kb]
28 Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism PDF icon [PDF, 267kb]
29 Tim Kelly PDF icon [PDF, 73kb]
30 University of Western Australia PDF icon [PDF, 73kb]
31 Elmer P. Danenberger PDF icon [PDF, 222kb]
32 Colin Leach PDF icon [PDF, 25kb]
33 Senator Rachel Siewert
Note: A report on the testing of the samples submitted by Senator Siewert and statutory declarations (English language versios) made in relation to the collection of these samples are accessible through these links.
PDF icon [PDF, 221kb]
PDF icon [PDF, 1mb]
PDF icon [PDF, 575kb]
34 Department of Transport WA
Department of Transport WA [PDF, 1mb]
35 Australian Government Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts

DEWHA - supplementary Submission [PDF, 303KB]
Attachment A [PDF, 16kb]
Attachment C [PDF, 231kb]
Attachment D [PDF, 68kb]

36 Tina Hunter, Bond University Hunter Submission [PDF, 68kb]


Recommendations for the Australian Government [PDF, 303kb]
Analysis - Oil Spill Response [PDF, 287kb]
Biodiversity Survey [PDF, 290kb]

West Timor Care Foundation
(Yayasan Peduli Timor Barat)

West Timor Care Foundation - submission
[PDF, 152kb]